Large and small buildings alike often have extensive hallways or corridors throughout. These high-traffic areas need slip-resistant floor finishes that can keep up with the intense activity that takes place.

Patio Areas

Porches and Patios can become stained and discolored overtime when left to exposed elements. Paramount Coatings systems will help prolong the life of your substrate or revitalize older surfaces allowing you to maintain the look and feel you desire.

Parking Garage Areas

Patrons and building owners both depend on a parking garage to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a parking garage needs downtime for flooring repairs, due to the inconvenience to customers, owners and nearby businesses could incur a loss of income. At Paramount Coatings, we produce a broad spectrum of fast-turnaround parking garage floor coating systems that can help protect new structures and return existing structures to a nearly new condition.

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