Commercial Office Area

Commercial flooring systems that are beautiful, durable, skid-resistant, and easy-to-clean are the stuff that every office complex manager dreams of. Most coverings and treatments for office concrete floors, however, require burdensome maintenance, like buffing, waxing and shampooing. These less-than-ideal flooring options can result in customer inconvenience, expensive downtime and overall higher life cycle cost.

Restroom Areas

Public restrooms are integral and highly used spaces within every facility. While visited daily by staff, they are also frequented by the majority of visitors, and therefore contribute to facility image. Because restrooms are such an important component of a building’s design, they require durable commercial floor coatings that can resist daily wear-and-tear, as well as harsh chemical cleaners. At Paramount Coatings, we have a wide selection of restroom flooring options to suit multiple spaces.

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