Department stores and boutiques have unique flooring needs. From a performance standpoint, flooring must demonstrate outstanding wear and abrasion resistance. Yet from a design perspective, in order to complement the ambience of a store and its product, flooring should provide a unifying force to bring all aspects of the establishment’s atmosphere together. When it comes to meeting the requirements of boutiques and department stores, Paramount Coating’s designer floor finishes are highly attractive, durable and low maintenance.

Warehouse Areas

Paramount Coating’s line of heavy-duty workshop floors promotes an overall cleaner and safer environment with their oil and slip-resistant properties. A brighter floor makes dropped tools, trip hazards and spills easier to see, and the refreshed space can even help improve employee motivation.

Entryway Areas

First impressions can make all the difference for a business’ success, and these first impressions often start with a facility’s appearance, especially its flooring. Floors must be clean, attractive and free of contaminants to instill a positive image and reputation for a company or institution.

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