Paramount Coatings Preferred Choice for Building Professionals

The coatings industry is rich in our family blood lines going back generations. Whether, it was delivering, manufacturing, developing, outside sales, store ownership, or a sales clerk, we have done it all before.  Paramount Coatings is always actively working on developing new technology and avenues for Specialty Coatings products.

We are a leading manufacturer of specialty concrete flooring and resinous floor coating products, specializing in fluid-applied flooring, decorative concrete surfaces, and concrete surface restoration. Whether you’re seeking durable warehouse floor coatings or unique retail designs, see how our custom solutions can meet your project requirements. Our brand is driven to provide solutions and performance for architects and property owners. Building on innovative, market-leading cement and resinous technology, the company manufactures high-performance specialty flooring surfaces and finishes for a multitude of uses. The brand is communicated through thousands of architects, interior designers and professional installers who depend on our products.


Paramount Coating’s mission is to manufacture the highest quality sustainable building solutions to protect, restore and extend the life of the building envelope while reducing the environmental impact.  We distinguish ourselves by providing friendly, personalized customer service and outstanding product satisfaction.

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